Working together to recognise the full potential of your energy assets.


Manage and track the performance of your energy assets using a simple cloud based platform.

Asset Management

We act as your energy manager and ensure the long term performance of your energy business.

Special Projects

We can support a variety of strategic planning and project development activities for clients.

Community Energy

Continuity of information and accesibility of performance data is essential for community energy companies that are managed by volunteer directors. Energy Mutual can audit your operational processes and establish an ongoing asset management plan that is easy to follow.

Onsite Energy

Energy Mutual can act as an energy manager for Small & Medium Enterprises by taking a holistic approach to managing industrial/commercial energy processes. Energy Mutual works with senior management teams to identify energy cost reductions and maximise utilisation of onsite generation.

Estate Energy Businesses

With wind, hydro, solar and biomass resources expanding throughout rural regions, many estates have now moved from land management businesses to energy companies. Energy Mutual can manage these rural energy companies to maximise revenue from installed generation and assess future energy oportunities on behalf of the Estate directors.


For remote energy sites or processes that require reliable power quality, microgrids that integrate local generation, storage and demand can provide clean and reliable energy. Energy Mutual can ensure microgrids are operating at peak performance and are appropriately sized for long term commercial viability.

EV Charging

Energy Mutual can monitor the performance and utilisation of your charging infrastructure by providing regular reports that make sense of your charging data and can recommend expansion, site selection and pricing regimes.

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